Add the garlic and shallot; saute for 30 seconds. When the sayote (chayote) is fork-tender, while still hot, add the butter and mix well

    الكتاب المقدس للعب وقت و للضحك وقت
  1. 1 hr
  2. Ginisang Sayote
  3. A tropical American perennial vine having tuberous roots and
  4. Originally it Compare is also how we have started this venture
  5. Fresh Edible Spineless Cactus Nopales Paddle 2 lbs
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  7. This video will show you how to cook sauteed chayote with pork
  8. As a fruit, chayote may help to prevent cancer formation in the body
  9. Chayote is grown in the US in several states
  10. chayote
  11. Try this easy recipe and enjoy this awesome vegetable dish